Red Sea Bunkering

Red sea bunkering is a part of the more massive conglomerate Great Horn Investment Holding group, which has its base operations in the United Arab Emirates. Red Sea bunker mostly operates in Djibouti and is the sole supplier under the Djibouti Port and Free Zone Authority.
Red Sea bunker has a reputation for its efficiency, especially in the supply of internationally recognized standards in bunker services, specifically;
  • heavy fuel
  • marine diesel
  • low Sulphur fuels
  • and other lubricants.

Red Sea bunker got established around 2015, and the company has exclusive rights as the only bunker supplier under the water territory controlled by Djibouti.

Such an excellent organization on Red Sea bunker has married quite perfectly with Djibouti’s vision as a one-stop-shop country in trade and logistics. It has positioned Djibouti as one of the key industry players in the region, especially its Djibouti port, and Free Zone Authority has become a significant logistic player.

Resurrection of the Red Sea Bunkering

Djibouti’s geographical location is quite strategic and has resurrected the Red Sea Bunkering as demands for large vessels have been covered within the shortest time possible. Between mid-2015 to the end of August 2019, Red Sea Bunker (RSB) had effectively handled and fuelled close to 600 thousand metric tons’ worth of gasoline and heavy fuel, and over 3000 large ships had passed through it. All this was after the introduction of the offshore HFO380 services that were not available previously.

Investments of Red Sea Bunker

By the end of 2020, Red Sea Bunker(RSB) projected to increase its activities tremendously as per its new development plan. The company has plans to acquire a 5000 metric tons bunker vessel and an 80,000 metric tons’ container for storage purposes.

As envisioned by its chairman, such investments, one Mr. Aboubaker Omar Hadi, will enhance the company performance and activities around the region, positioning Red Sea Bunker (RSB) as the ultimate leader.

Security and safety at Red Sea Bunker

One of the areas that Red Sea Bunker (RSB) takes with the seriousness it deserves is the issue to do with security and safety. The company follows the international bunker operations standards and protocols with 100 percent compliance to safety. Red Sea Bunker (RSB) follows the international standards for environmental protection and practices international anti-pollution policy standards. Their entire operations take security as a priority, and securing customer assets in line with environmental protection is seriously considered.

Dubai Bunker Trader

Container ship with goods

The Dubai Bunker trader has capitalized on offshore bunker services and has majorly invested in onshore supply throughout the Persian Gulf via ex pipe, ex trucks, and ex barges. The traffic controlled by Red Sea Bunker along the Persian Gulf up to the Indian ocean ranks the company among the most significant contributor in this business. Most of the operations in Djibouti get run via conference meeting from the mother company in Dubai. The company also engages other industry leaders via a series of conferences organized by bunkering partners and regulators globally. The Dubai bunker trader can move at any given point an estimated 30,000 metric tons of cargo. It ensures convenience to the suppliers as their goods are always ready as per the agreement.

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