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Bunkering or Marine fuel oil in the Middle East

Bunkering, or the supplying of Marine Fuel Oil, in the Middle East by an Marine Fueling company, is a vital part of shipping. If a ship is not fueled by a marine fuel supplier before it’s ready to go on its oceanic journey, it is not considered seaworthy.

As depending upon speed, a single cargo ship can consume close to 63,000 gallons of fuel per a single day, having a reliable marine fuel supplier is essential.

Some offshore marine fueling companies have marine fuel oil available at only a few key ports, while others have access to several thousand marine ports around the world. The Middle East has some of the biggest bunkering cities in the world, one of the cities being Dubai in the UAE.

Some bunkering services concentrate primarily on a local region, while others operate marine fuel oil offices in virtually dozens of countries around the world.

A large part of bunkering is trading in marine fuels. Most often, shipping companies seed to use large bunkering companies that can lock in prices so that they pay less per nautical mile per dollar.

Other concerns are the amount of idle time a ship will incur while waiting for its marine fuel supply. The less idle time, the greater the profitability of a particular ship on its outbound journey.

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middle east bunkering boat

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