Bunkering in Dubai

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Regulation around Bunkering

Bunkering in Dubai is one of the highly regulated affairs. It has come about as the Dubai Maritime City Authority or DMCA as it is popularly known tighten its grip on measures to control the trade on its waters. Dubai Maritime City Authority is the sole body with the mandate to license vessels and ships which supply fuel along its territorial waters. The city management is also responsible for facilitating, organizing, and enhancing any maritime activity around Dubai. Part of why bunkering gets regulated in Dubai gets primarily attributed to marine activities’ resumption, including ship maintenance and repair, and Dubai designated anchorage areas.

The Local Shipping Community

The Dubai Maritime City Authority demands compliance from the ship owner’s agents and other foreign vessels. It works to ensure the highest degree of security is providing for both the ship and its crew while they are on its territory. DMCA bunkering framework has strengthened its commitment to the local shipping community as it guarantees growth and development. The framework further ensures that the local shipping community gets a non-interrupted flow of fuel throughout the time.

Bunkering Operation License

If you are considering bunkering in Dubai, you need to be conversant and prepared with a bunkering operation license. The Dubai Maritime City Authority issues this license. That gives you some privileges to operate in Dubai waters. Bunker traders are required by Emirates law to comply with all the regulations and policies governing maritime activities while under its waters or territory.
Dubai Bunkering

Bunkering license in Dubai gets issued on an annual basis. They get anchored on the one requirement that the vessels licensed will meet all the security guidelines and resolutions set out by the Dubai Maritime City Authority. The bunkering permits get categorized into several groups: Bunker supplier facility permit, Marine vessel processing permit, bunker supplier for marine vessel permit, payload lightering permit, and fuel lightering permit.
There are many documents required by the Dubai Maritime City Authority before they approve your permit application. The application request gets usually done in stages, with progress or denial of certificate communicated to you via their official communication channel. Upon completing the entire process, one must pay for the service via the official banking network or pay in cash. Once everything gets done to the authority certification, you will be issued a bunkers license or permit to operate.

World leaders in Bunkering Service

Emirates boost as one of the world leader when it comes to bunkering services. In total, there is close to 25 operational ports which offer bunkering services to bunker traders. These ports get distributed to various cities like Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Dubai Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah. For instance, Dubai has six ports, where bunker traders can operate with ease.

Illegal operation on Dubai waters

If you find yourself operating illegally on Sea or Dubai waters, supplying goods via sea or bunkering, legal action will be taken against you by DMCA. It’s necessary and vital to obtain all the required documentation and permits demanded by law in emirates. Otherwise, failure to which, ship owners, bunker providers, and agents will get forced to shoulder the burden of fines.

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