Basics of Bunkering

The term bunkering

Thought to originate from the steamboat era when coal was stored in bunkers, the term bunkering simply refers to the supply of fuel to naval vessels. The procedure, however, is slightly more complex. That’s why the companies make things easy for all the customers by combining total commitment, vast experience, and essential expertise in delivering the right product for their needs.


The companies provide solutions worldwide, meaning their services are available around the globe, 24/7. And that includes all grades of fuel oil. Thanks to their inline blending system, they guarantee to meet any requirement. This assurance also extends to their lube oil, which can be purchased in any quantity, and their other products and services, too.
basics of bunkering


Fluctuating bunker oil prices

As volatile as the ocean, fluctuating bunker oil prices can cause huge losses to ship owners. This can be eliminated with a Fixed Price Agreement. This contract gives people prior knowledge to fuel costs throughout the agreed time period, with an exact fee determined regardless of any changes in the market. Opting for a fixed price enables efficient financial management, makes it possible to avoid any nasty surprises, and ensures total peace of mind.

The key to a successful bunkering operation lies in the planning. If you are unsure about any aspect of the procedure, don’t hesitate to contact one of the experts, who can offer skilled guidance throughout the journey. Every bunkering process is different, and that’s why they provide a personal touch tailored to your needs to ensure a smooth and safe transfer of goods, every time.

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Bunker oil refers to the fuel that container ships and other large vessels use. The re-fueling of such ships is called bunkering, and this is a well-planned and very important process for the whole shipping industry.

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